"Make something Adventurous" that is what pushed me to buy this ticket. Now here I am waiting for my plane with no idea about the city where I am flying to. What am I supposed to expect from this trip? "Do you really want to do that?" "You can always quit and go back home." That was the speech my mind was telling me. "What if......" and here we are. My mind is thinking about a million stuff that could happen..... Stockholm is far away from my Family and Friends. Yes, I'am used to travel alone during a flight ..... but there is always somebody on the other side somewhere that I know, but not this time.

Stockholm was a big experience for me in terms of self-reflection. "Do It Yourself" and find no excuses. I'm by myself and I have to deal with it.

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Lucky me, I did buy a Stockholm pass that was included with the public transportation. With this pass, I was allowed to do the Sightseeing Bus of Stockholm and visiting some of the 14 islands. Yes, Stockholm is built on islands.

First of all, I had no expectation about this trip. I just went there because I had no idea where to go. Honestly, I got to say I was so impressed by how the city is built and all the bridges around. You can easily get the wrong bridge and end up another side of the city. I was impressed to see so many vegan places and stores all over the city. The truth is that if I could be there a whole week I would still find stuff to do. 

There is so much I could write down, but I saved some content for my video. What I can leave you without telling you is where I knew that I would come back to discover more about Sweden. This place is called Skansen.


I feel like every capital needs to have their "own Skansen alike". Skansen is a piece that shows Sweden in miniature. Historic real houses and farmsteads have been relocated to Skansen from different parts of the country, and are now shown surrounded by gardens appropriate to the era of each building. There have also Scandinavian wild animals in natural enclosures. They didn't even forget about the details. All the trees and plants from all over Sweden are growing there.

I literally lost the time while I was visiting. I planned on staying 2 hours and I ended up staying a half day. I rushed a little bit. 

The old part of the City


This part of the City makes you feel like you are back in the days of the middle century. There is a street that is not larger than 90inches. This part of the city is full of Museums. On you can miss is the Nobel Museum. Check the schedule for the opening hours.